Selfie Celebration

Selfie Celebration Party Ideas

Are you looking for a party that's picture perfect? Look no further than our Selfie Celebration party! This event is full of bright colors and cute emojis. Your guests will be posting their party pics to their social media feeds the whole time. Find out how to plan the perfect Selfie Celebration party with the help of these party ideas and tips. It's a celebration no one will forget. Cheers to fun selfies that you can use for #tbt posts for years to come!

More Selfie Celebration Ideas

DIY Rainbow Throw Up Backdrop

There's no selfie filter more iconic than Snapchat's rainbow throw up. That means if you're throwing a Selfie Celebration party, you need to include it. This DIY Rainbow Throw Up Backdrop is perfect for taking your celebration to the next level. Think of all the awesome selfies your guests will take in front of this cute photo backdrop!

DIY Cactus Centerpiece

Emojis can be cute and quirky. And your Selfie Celebration should be no different. Deck your party tables out with a cute but not so cuddly cactus centerpiece. Follow along with the steps in our DIY Cactus Centerpiece post so that you can bring this adorable decoration to life in time for all the selfies at your celebration!

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