Space Party

Does your child love looking at the stars and imagining what's out there? If so then the Space Party theme is a fun way to decorate for a birthday party. You can get all the space themed party supplies you need, from tableware to party favors to activities. Your party will be out of this world. Put rocket ships, UFOs, stars, and alien planets all over the table. When it comes time to eat a meal or birthday cake, the kids will have a blast with the starry table cover and the place settings covered in space ships. You can even bake a star shaped cake or cookies for an added effect.

Nothing is more festive than balloons, so get rocket ship and star shaped balloons. Surround them with latex balloons, streamers, and a personalized banner that can have a custom message for the birthday child. Pinatas are a wonderful decoration too. They're fun to look at and even more fun to smash for the candy prize inside. We have several rocket ship versions to choose from. You can't forget party favors too. Every guest likes to go home with something to remember the party by. We have several favor kits of various sizes to make it easy for you to give out toys, craft sets, stickers, and activities. We also have lots of personalized items so that guests can go home with bag tags, pins, and more all with their own names printed on the items.

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