Surf's Up

Make a splash for your next event with our Summer Sea party supplies, tableware, and decorations. This nautical tableware pattern features green and blue sea creatures on an ocean background. Octopi, fish, and seaweed silhouettes pattern the cups, plates, and napkins of this tableware selection. Nautical paper goods are a fun pick for summer celebrations like birthdays, graduations, and beach outings. You can get all your item in one click with an all-in-one kit or choose a la carte to create the exact look you want. Finish your decor with green and blue solid color cutlery or supplementary paper goods to make sure you have enough supplies to cater to the size of your guest list and add a balance to your pattern.

The ocean is a fascinating place, especially for children. Some kids are simply enamored with animals in the sea. Movies like Finding Nemo can help fuel this interest. In addition to basic ocean tableware, you might want to add character decorations or personalized items to your shopping list. Seaweed streamers, bubble tubes, and personalized banners can help turn your event into an under the sea bash. You can also use nautical items like old buoys or boat props to add to the theme. Serve up water theme treats like goldfish shaped crackers, hot dog octopus snacks, or sandy parfaits made of graham cracker dust and pudding. You won't have to fish for compliments, because your guests will love your party theme!

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