Super Mario Bros

You can win the high score for party planning with our Super Mario Bros party supplies and decorations. This video game pattern features Mario jumping on a scenic game background, racing checkers, and other gaming characters. The design features a multicolor pattern that will look great supplemented with red, blue, and green tableware. You can get all your shopping done in one click with our all-in-one decoration sets or pick and choose a la carte to create the precise look you want. Load up your event space with personalized banners and video game posters to complete your look.

Super Mario Bros games are one of Nintendo's most popular and well-recognized titles. Mario has been a part of the videogame culture for generations, starting with his role in Donkey Kong arcade games. Since his humble princess-saving beginnings in the 80s, Mario the plumber has been in games where he is a street cleaner, tennis star, golf pro, and go-kart racer. Kids and adults of all ages love this adventurous game franchise, so you can use the tableware theme for tons of events. Don't limit yourself to traditional favors and decor. You can trade out traditional cone hats for a set of fake mustaches or Mario hats. Consider setting up a game station where guests can participate in Mario game tournaments or kill time between party games. Create a Mario Bros level by taping mountains and question blocks on the wall. Guests can pose for a picture that makes it look like they are inside the game!

Super Mario Bros Party Ideas

Since the mid-80s, these pixelated brothers have been on a mission to rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. Mario and Luigi have come a long way since the side-scrolling adventure of the original game, but the characters, villains and power-ups are recognized by players of all ages. The Super Mario franchise spans multiple generations so parents and kids can connect over their love for these super plumbers. With so many different additions to the franchise, there’s a game for everyone to enjoy!

Make your child's birthday party dreams come true with these super duper Super Mario Party Ideas! This special party features many of the memorable characters, icons and actions that will help you plan a super party for your favorite little gamer.

DIY Goomba Pinata Upgrade Tutorial

In the Super Mario world, Goombas aren't the toughest adversaries Mario and Luigi have to face but they’re definitely some of the most iconic members of the Koopa Troop. These enemies, who first appeared in Super Mario Bros, have shown up in almost every title in the Mario franchise. They’re usually the first enemy you face on your quest to rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser so it shouldn't be hard to recognize them at your party. 

This mushroom-like character from these popular Nintendo video games makes a great activity for your Super Mario party. See how to upgrade the poop emoji piñata to turn it into a Goomba piñata your Super Mario loving fans will be happy to defeat at your party!

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