Tie Dye 60s Party

The '60s were a groovy psychedelic time full of bright colors, crazy designs, and iconic symbols. Your girl will love the style when you throw her a Tie Dye '60s party. These hip party supplies live up to the theme's name. They are full of colorful swirls and patterns just like old tie dye clothes. You can decorate the room, set out crazy tableware, and even give out groovy party favors. The kids will have a gas.

There are so many wild decorations in this theme. There's a banner you can have personalized with any message you want. There's also a "happy birthday" banner as well. Dangling cutouts, peace sign garland, tissue paper balls and lanterns, and streamers add to the festive atmosphere. Tie dye foil balloons can really make the room jump. There is also a flower power pinata that will have all the kids anticipating the candy to come later in the party.

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