Totally 80's

When your kid is looking for a fun and enticing way to throw a party, look no further than our Totally 80's party supplies! It's a fantastic style and decor that's sure to give your kid a blast from the past. You'll love seeing your child embrace the classic style and flair of the eighties! It won't be a manic Monday, and you won't have to fight for your right to party anymore! The decor that we provide in this eighties inspired tableware is fantastic and fun! It'll provide you the ideal opportunity to let your kid in on some of the classic culture that you grew up with!

There's a medley of fun decorations that come in our kits! They're multi-colored designs that are sure to inspire memories from your childhood. Your kid is looking for a fun and intricate way to celebrate with their family and friends, we've got you covered! With a wonderful array of decorations like balloons, utensils, cups, and napkins that look like they came right out of an arcade. There's also plenty of fun accessories that are inspired by the neon era that we've got available for you. Great opportunities for a photo session, plus pinatas that look like they're ready to rock out! Your kid may not have gone through the eighties like you, but they know they want to have fun, and that's what the times were all about!

80s Costume Party Ideas

1980s Costume Party Ideas

There's nothing quite like the style and fashion of the 80s. This Halloween, bring that totally rad decade to life with a 1980s Costume Party. These party ideas will help you make your guests feel like they traveled back into time. From neon colors to Pacman, there isn't a party more totally 80s than this one. 

DIY Scrunchie Tutorial

DIY Scrunchie Tutorial

The 80s were all about accessorizing. From lace socks and gloves to plastic costume jewelry, they had it all. But there was one item that was both fashion and function. Scrunchies might be making a comeback, but you can't forget how well they paired with 80s fashion. Create your own scrunchies with the help of our DIY scrunchie tutorial. This project is perfect for creating special party favors for your 80s themed celebration. 

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