Step into the octagon and get ready for some tough battles with the gear and supplies from our UFC party theme. Get your UFC-branded plates, napkins, and more with their trademark insignia and red and black colors. You can get multi-colored punch balloons to practice all your MMA fun, or even get personalized MMA buttons for each and every party guest. Don't forget the mylar balloons that carry the UFC logo so you can wave the flag at your awesome party with this awesome theme.

UFC, formed in 1993, is the largest mixed martial arts company in the world, and hosts nearly all of the best fighters around, including Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre, and many more. While you might not want to reenact all the fights from the popular events, you can still celebrate them by surrounding your next party with all sorts of UFC accoutrements. Litter them with our Party Favors and Candy, and get an MMA activity mat, so you can do all sorts of word jumbles and crosswords related to your favorite sport.

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