Unicorn Sparkle

Unicorn Sparkle Party Ideas

Harnessing the magic of unicorns is easier than you think. With some pretty pastels and some glistening golds, a Unicorn Sparkle Party will make for a magical celebration. Believing in unicorns won't be so hard when you plan a party so perfectly with the help of our unicorn sparkle party guide

More Unicorn Sparkle Party Ideas

DIY Unicorn Horn Headband

Transform your guests into magical unicorns with ease. At your Unicorn Sparkle celebration, these DIY unicorn horn headbands are essential. With a few supplies and some DIY skills, you can create your very own headbands to gift your guests to remember all of the fun at your magical party. 

DIY Unicorn Balloon

Magic isn't only reserved for unicorns. Transform any balloon into a unicorn by following these easy steps. Then, deck your party out with balloon unicorns wherever you can. There's no better way to convert some believers than by packing your party with as many unicorns as you can. 

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