White Camo

If your birthday guest of honor loves the outdoors, then our White Camo Party Supplies will be a great theme for the birthday bash you are hosting. The design features trees and leaves on a white background. Selections include complementing plates, napkins, cups, a table cover, banner, foil balloons and more. Use these items to transform your entire party space into the woods for the day or evening.

Camouflage is used in nature by animals and plants to conceal themselves. The most well-known animal that uses camouflage is a chameleon, which can change its skin color to match its surroundings. Other examples include parakeets that are green to match leaves in the trees where they live; fish that match the color of the sea floor or coral; stick insects that appear to be twigs and desert snakes that look like the sandy desert floor. Camouflage is used in the military to help soldiers conceal themselves from the enemy. It is also used by hunters to make animals less likely to see them.

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