Zombie Party

It's not often that the undead can have a celebration, but when they do they need to Zombie Party Supplies. Our creature features include bloody plates, cups and napkins, unnerving decorations and personalized invitations, thank yous and party favors. For quick and easy shopping, purchase one of our kits which include all you need for a party of eight. Don't limit your zombie celebration to just Halloween or a birthday bash. Invite everyone over to watch A&E's The Walking Dead, Syfy's Z Nation, or a movie such as World War Z, and have a party!

In Haitian folklore, voodoo sorcerers created zombies through spells. These zombies were not the bad guys seen today but were the victims of a curse. The creature began to earn its fame with the 1932 release of the horror film White Zombie. More zombie literature and movies were produced but the next milestone was the Night of the Living Dead in 1968, which was probably the first hit movie to show a Zombie apocalypse, although it was not called that. Interests in Zombies slowly grew and they have appeared in movies and TV shows that ranged from Scooby Doo to Night of the Living Dead's sequels, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the X-Files. Today's zombies are usually the result of a virus or supernatural occurrence.

Zombie Party Ideas

Zombie Party Ideas

If you're looking to throw an epic Halloween party, this is a no-brainer. Whether you're celebrating All Hallow's Eve or an October birthday, a zombie party will infect your guests with fun. Start with Patient Zero, the invitations, to let your guests know what they're in for. Then get inspired by our zombie party ideas to make it a party to dismember. 

More Zombie Party Ideas

DIY Zombie Candy Bowl

Even the undead need some treats. Serve them up in style at your zombie party in this DIY Zombie Candy Bowl. This zombie party supply project takes an ordinary doll and turns her into a zombie. Your treats will be served from her head, so all your guests will feel like they're eating brains!

Decorated Zombie Cookies

If there's one thing we know about zombies, it's that they're always hungry. Feed the guests at your zombie party a sweet treat instead of brains. These decorated zombie cookies are perfect for your hoard of guests this Halloween.

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