Since Zootopia came out, little kids and their parents are looking for products to make a Zootopia birthday party. Who can blame them? Zootopia is a Disney movie that where all of the characters are animals from the zoo. Zootopia would definitely make a cute theme for a kid's birthday party because the characters are endearing with human qualities. All young kids and parents would be invited to this birthday party. With the movie being very popular, we see Zootopia being a children's theme party that will have lasting popularity.

Speaking of parties, what's a party without some decorations? The pattern for the decorations looks very simple, but very nice. The main characters are prominently displayed along with a catchphrase. There is also a party table cover that features the wording "Zootopia" on it, and the 2 main characters, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Judy Hopps is a rabbit and Nick Wilde is a fox. The boy and girl characters make this party idea perfect for any gender.

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